Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tying the Knot

As the title suggets, yes I am engaged. Delightfully engaged. I have met my soulmate, my best friend and confident and I couldn't be happier. The story of our meeting came flooding back when my wonderful Michael drove me over to the airport parking lot we so fatefully parked in 3+ years prior and on bended knee asked me the question that I so wanted to hear. I have to say even though we have talked and talked about marriage until that moment happened, that one question came out of his mouth I hadn't thought about how it will feel. And wow did I feel...everything. Crying I said yes yes yes and then we took our favorite hike, up a sea and windshaped rock overlooking the Pacific. It was quiet and beautiful. (Photo to left taken the day of and edited by my wonderful sister Amiee)

I always wanted to capture my wedding adventures in a blog so I beleive I will try whole heartily to do so. It will be a long engagement filled with lots of handmade crafts of which I can't wait to get started. But first my ring, I need to introduce my ring. My brothers girlfriend, Brady Hardy, a truly excellent photographer took these shots for us to capture the ring that was crafted by Steven Victor and designed by my sweetie *with hints from me...keywords: oval-sideways..white gold..bezel (no prongs)...simple. And did he deliver, my dream ring

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mames said...

Em. So so cool. The pics and the blogging. Please please keep it up, you will never regret it Nd then I can live it with you. Love you, lil' sis. a